Lyndsae (wormsmakedirttt) wrote,

<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 354px; HEIGHT: 266px" height=368 src="" width=475>&nbsp;<IMG style="WIDTH: 334px; HEIGHT: 263px" height=264 src="" width=397>&nbsp;<IMG style="WIDTH: 339px; HEIGHT: 331px" height=456 src="" width=425></P>
<P>Newest friends...</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 348px; HEIGHT: 248px" height=290 src="" width=397>&nbsp;Kali.</P>
<P>Reunited people...</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 416px; HEIGHT: 320px" height=376 src="" width=523></P>
<P>Lost friends.</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 358px; HEIGHT: 277px" height=323 src="" width=448>&nbsp;<IMG style="WIDTH: 406px; HEIGHT: 342px" height=369 src="" width=494></P>
<P>People from all around the map..</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 403px; HEIGHT: 332px" height=362 src="" width=427>&nbsp;<IMG height=310 src="" width=405></P>
<P>I miss the most..</P>
<P><IMG height=291 src="" width=404>Lani :( I will always miss youu.</P>
<P><IMG height=268 src="" width=375>The greatest people i have ever met. I miss you guys so much.</P>
<P>The best times ever..</P>
<P><IMG height=195 src="" width=483>All nighters.</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 350px; HEIGHT: 284px" height=339 src="" width=383>Florida rocked.</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 399px; HEIGHT: 319px" height=358 src="" width=415>Lanis visit to ohio. Best times at bk&nbsp; everr.</P>
<P><IMG height=317 src="" width=355>Play dress up.</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 338px; HEIGHT: 241px" height=318 src="" width=377>&nbsp; <IMG height=244 src="" width=247><IMG style="WIDTH: 279px; HEIGHT: 254px" height=325 src="" width=309>&nbsp;And of course stoned times.</P>
<P><IMG height=335 src="" width=403>Brittys bday.</P>
<P><IMG height=293 src="" width=356>The poland game we almost won but didn't. 2 -1. But hey they are 4th in the state.</P>
<P><IMG height=312 src="" width=354>&nbsp;Crazy.</P>
<P>&nbsp;<IMG style="WIDTH: 275px; HEIGHT: 281px" height=344 src="" width=315>Halloween. crazyness.</P>
<P><IMG height=277 src="" width=370>" m cuf " You are awesome.</P>
<P><IMG height=305 src="" width=418>Dancingggggg at some bar.</P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 314px; HEIGHT: 171px" height=295 src="" width=463></P>
<P><IMG style="WIDTH: 377px; HEIGHT: 282px" height=325 src="" width=414><IMG style="WIDTH: 379px; HEIGHT: 261px" height=306 src="" width=447>&nbsp;Guitaring.</P>
<P><IMG height=338 src="" width=400>Me and chelsea on our cruise over christmas. Grand times woah.</P>
<P><IMG height=294 src="" width=368>AND THAT WAS MY 2004.</P>

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